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  • What is Counseling & How Does it Work?

    When a person is looking to make positive changes in their life they often need a neutral professional with no agenda to assist them in making those changes.This process starts with the counselor getting to know the client’s biographical background, personality and goals. It is the counselor’s job to uncover and expose traits and elements that keep the client from making those necessary alterations.

    When a person comes to counseling they have developed a lifetime of habits, thoughts, and ideas. Because this personal evolution has occurred gradually over a long period of time counseling must happen slowly and methodically. Counseling is not a quick fix but instead a permanent solution and step towards making healthy changes.

    With commitment and hard work, counseling can improve countless lives for those dealing with troubled marriages, dysfunctional relationships, addictions, compulsions, anxiety, trauma, grief, depression and much more. Counseling is an effective tool to take what is on the inside and brings it out for repairing.

  • Meet Debbie

    Debbie Haughton is a licensed mental health counselor dedicated to helping people find a different perspective to their struggles through what she calls "retraining the brain". Although life can be difficult, Debbie believes that helping others discover and change the silent believes that keep them stuck into negative thinking is vital to reaching peace of mind and a healthier perspective in life and oneself. Click here to learn more about Debbie.