6 Ways to Avoid Marital Problems in a Troubled Economy

With so many companies downsizing, having layoffs, forcing early retirement, eliminating pay raises, and asking more for less money it is no wonder employees are stressed.  With that added stress the marital relationship can become negatively affected.  Financial hardships are one of the most common issues that cause marital instability.  Many couples don’t survive and end up in divorce.

In order to avoid letting your marriage fall apart during these stressful times here are some helpful suggestions.

  1. Date your spouse regularly
  2. Take care of yourselves individually (participate in a hobby)
  3. Talk about how you are feeling stressed but don’t take it out on your spouse
  4. Get outside support from counselors
  5. Lean on friends and family who will be supportive
  6. Don’t put pressure on your spouse to earn more money as this causes problems in the marriage.
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