Counseling Can Prevent Crisis

I have been meeting a couple for relationship counseling for a period of 3 weeks.  They were struggling with communicating and working together as a team in raising their children.  They came to me before their problem became critical but wanted an outside source to help them work through a few disagreements.  By our third visit, this couple was on their way to making some positive changes that strengthened their marriage and improved their parenting.

Most people go to counseling as the last possible resort to fixing their problems.  They only find a counselor when they have no other options.  Usually when that happens it takes weeks of therapy before change can begin.  Problems don’t develop overnight they gradually set in over time.

I think everyone can use a “tune-up” every now and then and counseling is one of the best ways to prevent a disaster.  Don’t wait until your problem gets too big.  Catch it before disaster occurs.  Talk to a therapist who can see your problems from a neutral point of view and help you gain a new perspective.

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