Does Lindsey Lohan Have a Grip on Reality?

I was reading a recent article about Lindsey Lohan in the New York Times and read the comment, “It was her upbringing that caused her to lose her grip on reality”.  As a mental health counselor that talks to people every day about issues it is a common belief that how a person was raised affects how they are now.  Lindsey Lohan is no exception.

The way we think, cope, perceive, relate, etc., comes down to how we grew up.  Does that mean we get to blame our parents for all of our mistakes and weaknesses:  Absolutely not.  The problem with Lindsey is that she doesn’t take responsibility for her actions.   She has the victim mentality and as long as a person has the victim mentality they will only see that change is necessary for everyone else not themselves.

I hope Lindsey learns to take responsibility for her actions and makes the necessary changes to get better.  That is my hope for all my clients.  Sometimes it isn’t easy looking at our mistakes without feeling a lot of guilt and shame.  For some people, they are so afraid of the guilt and shame they become defensive, bitter, angry, and stay stagnant.  Don’t let guilt and shame weigh you down.  Don’t be like Lindsey Lohan.

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