Getting Unstuck

Everyone at one time or another has found themselves stuck and wonders why they cannot get unstuck. Whether it is picking the wrong partners to date, difficulty advancing in a career, or having trouble driving after a horrific car accident, each is an example of being stuck.  There are millions of examples of people getting stuck but they all have one common element.  They all are caused by a faulty belief. Examples of faulty beliefs are “I’m not good enough because I didn’t get the job”, “I’m not in control because I was robbed”, or “It is my fault because my marriage didn’t work”.

I started offering a treatment called EMDR several years ago and it has transformed many of my clients.  It gets to the core issues more effectively than any other techniques I have used.  When I began using the EMDR it changed the way I work with clients.  I’ve seen countless clients find relief and make positive changes that have had lasting positive effects.  I have personally experienced my own healing when I Had EMDR techniques used on me.

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