How to Avoid Being Anxious in an Unstable Economy

We all face uncertainties in life that cause us to feel anxious or worried.  Sometimes living with uncertainty for an extended period of time can cause us to worry all the time.  A little bit of worry is ok but when it starts to take over your thinking and occupies most of your focus it is time to make a change.

We are challenged today with a very unstable economy that can cause many of us to feel insecure about our finances and our future.  One way to look at this situation is that the security we once felt was a false sense of security.  We had put our hope and our trust in what seemed secure and permanent when it really wasn’t.

This is a time to hope for the best, think positively, not give up and stay focused on what you have.  This is easy advice to give however it isn’t easy to follow when your emotions tell you otherwise.  How can you avoid excessive worrying in an unstable economy?

Here are a few tips to help you to avoid worrying:

  •  Remember, worrying doesn’t accomplish anything.  Instead it can cause health problems and unnecessary stress.  Don’t worry about what will happen tomorrow and just look at today.  Tomorrow will take care of itself.  Many people worry because they think it helps them or their situation.  This is a false belief.
  • Replace your worry with other thoughts such as a memorized song, poem or something inspirational.  Sometimes it is helpful to memorize something so you are concentrating and focused on something else.
  • Distract your worries by reading a good book, talking with a friend, watching a good movie, doing a hobby you love, caring about someone else.
  • When people worry a lot they feel out of control.  Find something to do that you can control such as a craft, cooking, gardening, playing a sport, or doing something productive.
  • Every time you find yourself worrying, make a note of it by journaling or tallying on a piece of paper all the times you worry.  Sometimes when you become aware of your anxious state you begin to see how much it can take over your thought life without realizing it.  Once you are aware you can start to make changes.
  • Consider volunteering your time and talent.  There are many charitable organizations that need help.  You will likely discover that your situation is not nearly as bad as you think when considered in relation to others.  Helping others less fortunate than you will help you feel better about your situation and surely benefit those you help.
  • If you are a spiritual person, lean on your faith and other within your faith.
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