How to find a good Orlando Therapist

Since I am a licensed counselor in Orlando I’ve been asked many times by friends to recommend a good therapist.  Since it is unethical for me to work with close friends and family members I try to help them find a good therapist.   Many of those people have insurance which often times dictate who they can see.  The main advice I give is to make a few phone calls and to talk with several therapists and make a connection with them over the phone.  The relationship that is developed with the therapist is critical to the success of counseling.  It is in the context of the relationship you have with your counselor that true trust and healing can take place.

If you don’t connect with your counselor in a way where you are comfortable and can be yourself, you won’t be able to utilize counseling to its full potential.  A simple phone conversation for about 15 minutes is sometimes enough time to determine if you feel at ease and comfortable being yourself and talking about the intimate details of your life.  You need to have a sense that you are accepted and not judged and that the counselor understands what you are telling them.  Usually a counselor will ask you what you are struggling with and you can tell them briefly what is going on.  Sometimes it takes a few phone calls before finding the right fit.

There are many Orlando counselors to choose from so it is important you know how to make the right decision.  Just because the counselor has a slick website or they have credentials a mile long doesn’t mean you’ll be able to connect with them.

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