How to Get Your Needs Met in a Relationship

Big problems arise when you make someone else responsible for your needs.  Fortunately, the couple learned to compromise and find ways to meet their own needs themselves.  The husband decided to make one room in the house more organized and tidy where he could go relax when he needed to escape from what he felt was chaos.  She could continue to to do fun and creative activities without the pressure of having to be structured and organized.

Most couples when they marry are attracted to someone that is opposite from them.  When they first marry they are thrilled their spouse is different and celebrate that difference.  As the marriage progresses those differences many times become a place of conflict because the expectations change.  The spouse wants their needs met more often and start to make demands.  They are disappointed when their needs are not met.  This cycle causes marital problems if not caught early.  Learn to recognize when you are expecting too much from your spouse.  Remember, you are responsible for meeting your own needs.

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