Here are some of my favorite resources for my clients.


Anxiety ~ A Personal Perspective ~  A great article by a client who talks about her journey with anxiety and how she found peace.




LizzyHow Do You Define Yourself?  ~Listen to how Lizzie Velasquex explains what defines her.




The Power of EmpathyThe Power of Empathy ~Learn the best way to ease someone’s pain and suffering.




Susan Cain

The Power of Introverts Discover what exceptional talents introverts bring to the world.




Kelly McgonigalHow to Make Stress Your Friend ~ Don’t let stress be public enemy number one!




Why Parenting is so Hard for Us IntrovertsWhy Parenting is so Hard for Introverts ~Are you an introvert?  Have you taken steps to set aside time to preserve your sanity? Read why you time alone is necessary!



griefGetting Grief Right  You will appreciate this perspective on grief.






Puzzle 1Asperger’s Syndrome in Relationships:  Is There Hope?   Relationships affected by Asperger’s Syndrome are often confusing and difficult with great stress for the partners and any children involved.  This article provides great insights into this syndrome.



therapist_lying_downThe Biggest Myths  About Therapy.  Are you discouraged from seeking help?  Then, this article is for you!




Esther PerelEsther Perel: Rethinking infidelity … a talk for anyone who has ever loved.  Infidelity is the ultimate betrayal. But does it have to be? Relationship therapist Esther Perel examines why people cheat, and unpacks why affairs are so traumatic: because they threaten our emotional security.



The Problem with Grief Avoidance - Relevant Magazine.The Problem with Grief Avoidance - When we recall the painful past in a safe environment, we rewire our brains to take the punch out of those wounds, and finally allow them to heal.




Catherine WoodiwissA New Normal by Catherine Woodiwiss ~ Trauma upends everything we took for granted. While the work of life and healing continues, Ms. Woodiwise shares 10 things she’s learned about trauma along the way.




Danny Raede Asperger's ExpertsGrowing up with Asperger’s: What I wish I could have told my parents by Danny Raede who was diagnosed with Asperger’s at the age of 12. He is the co-owner of Asperger’s Experts, a site dedicated to help those with Asperger’s to understand themselves.



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