Steve Jobs and His Magical Thinking

Now that Steve Jobs biography is out in stores across America, people are getting a taste of what the man was truly like.  In an article found in he is described as difficult but brilliant.  Steve Jobs was a man with great determination and strong beliefs.  He felt so strongly about his magical thinking he thought he could avoid death by treating his pancreatic cancer with alternative methods instead of surgery.  This proved fatal and the Apple co-founder later regretted his decision when he realized death was imminent.

Steve Jobs was able to be successful because he believed in what he could do.  He was confident, ruthless and didn’t care what people thought.  As a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist I believe that what we think matters.  If we believe we aren’t good at something our actions and behaviors will align with that belief.  Steve Jobs had this uncanny ability to believe he could do just about anything.  It is important to develop positive thinking patterns and thoughts that exude confidence in order to succeed in life.  Too often people don’t realize that their inner thoughts have amazing power over their path.  For instance, if a person looks for a job for 6 months and doesn’t find anything they can develop a pattern of thinking that says “I’m not good enough because I cannot find a job”.  Once this type of thinking becomes habitual the person no longer has confidence and has a belief system that is distorted.

Don’t let your negative thinking take over.  Be sure to monitor your negative thoughts and replace them with positive, truthful thoughts.  You have the power to change.  Even though Steve Jobs took his positive thinking too far and lost his life, we can learn from some of his successes.

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