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Counseling Can Prevent Crisis

Most people go to counseling as the last possible resort to fixing their problems. They only find a counselor when they have no other options. Usually when that happens it takes weeks of therapy before change can begin. Problems don’t develop overnight they gradually set in over time.[…] Continue reading

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Caring for Aging Parents

Caring for elderly parents also can threaten the emotional health of caregivers and their families. Being the “parent of your parent” can unlock your family’s hidden dysfunctions — “You were always Mom’s favorite!” — and reopen old sibling rivalries and conflicts: “You’re trying to kill our father!” […] Continue reading

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Parenting Adult Children

As a parent of two adult children, I’ve experienced the need to change my parenting style from an “authoritarian” approach to a mentor approach. My children no longer need my authority but my encouragement. That was a difficult transition for me as I’ve done it one way for so long. However, in order to foster a good relationship with both my kids I knew I had to change. […] Continue reading

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