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Getting Unstuck

Everyone at one time or another has found themselves stuck and wonders why they cannot get unstuck. Whether it is picking the wrong partners to date, difficulty advancing in a career, or having trouble driving after a horrific car accident, each is an example of being stuck. […] Continue reading

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Buying a Gun is Easier than Getting Mental Health Care

As a mental health care professional, I am passionate about my profession and what it can do to help people not only in crisis but in preventing a crisis. Since the recent tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, I am horrified by the state of our current mental health care system and am reminded there are many Adam Lanza’s among us not being treated.[…] Continue reading

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Depression and Unemployment

Depression causes a lot of health issues that can render a person dysfunctional. However, it is one of the most curable diseases if treated. The best chance for success in treating depression is a combination of psychotherapy (or counseling) and anti depressants. […] Continue reading

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