Your Thinking has Power Over What You Do

When I was young I would sit in my room and think for hours.  My thoughts, although silent were always with me.  What I didn’t know then that I wish I knew now was the power my thoughts had over my life.  As I grew up I had the tendency to always look at the negative rather than be positive.  This affected my relationships, jobs, school, and other activities.  My father would always say to me “stop being so negative” but I never knew how I could change that.  I claimed to be a realist.  How do you change reality?

I learned late in life that what you think has power over what you do.  For instance, I was very resentful of my husband for a decision he made.  I decided to not to tell him I was angry because it wouldn’t be productive to talk about it.  However, my actions towards him conveyed resentment, criticism, and dislike.  This did not help our relationship and hurt him.

When I was reprimanded for something I did at work I felt insecure and incapable.  This feeling led to a lack of self-confidence that stuck with me for a long time.  That low self-confidence caused me to second guess everything I did at my job.  Once I lost my confidence my performance went down.  All of this had to do with my thoughts.

When I play competitive tennis I know before going into a match that if I want the chance to win I must not allow my negative thinking to enter in my mind.  If I focus on my weaknesses it will hinder my ability to play well.  I must think positively and look at my strengths in order to have a chance at winning the match.

All these examples are how our mind and our thoughts can influence our lives.  The next time you start thinking, capture your thoughts on paper and become aware of your thinking patterns.  You might be surprised at how destructive your thoughts can be.  People have the tendency to believe that as long as they don’t express their thoughts they can think anything they want.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.

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